Name Badges for United Real Estate

Whether you are a realtor, broker, or hold any other position in the real estate industry, it is crucial to align yourself with a top-tier brand. Associating yourself with a renowned real estate brand helps establish your credibility and expertise in the industry. Therefore, choosing to show off your name and title with badges for United Real Estate is the ideal way to present yourself professionally.

Why Choose United Real Estate Badges?

United Real Estate is a prominent and well-established brand in the real estate industry. With over 6,000 real estate professionals across the United States and more than 100 offices nationwide, United Real Estate provides exceptional services. Their team of knowledgeable agents guides and assists clients in finding their dream homes.

Since its inception in 2011, United Real Estate has experienced rapid growth and continuous evolution. Under the dynamic leadership of Dan Duffy, United Real Estate Group has become the eighth-largest real estate brokerage in the country. Inc. Magazine has recognized the firm as one of the most successful American companies, featuring it six times in their prestigious Inc. 5000 list. The company has also garnered national television recognition with a feature on CBS's Undercover Boss. In a full episode, Dan Duffy works incognito as an employee, uncovering operational inefficiencies and striving for improvements.

Just last year, United Real Estate achieved remarkable success, generating cumulative sales of $35 billion for the calendar year ending on August 31, 2022. These exceptional achievements present an excellent opportunity for expanding your business by designing and ordering custom name badges for United Real Estate.

Benefits of United Real Estate Name Badges

The popularity and nationwide recognition of United Real Estate as a reliable real estate firm make its logo instantly recognizable. By customizing a name badge with their distinctive logo, you can capitalize on the strong brand value of United Real Estate. Such a badge enhances your professionalism and instills confidence in your real estate clients, convincing them to place their trust in you.

Variety of Name Badges

At Logo Spectrum, we offer a wide range of name badges for United Real Estate that serve as a fantastic addition to your professional attire. Our collection features diversity in colors, shapes, manufacturing materials, printing options, and classes, ensuring you find the perfect custom name badges to meet your specific needs.


Our name badges for United Real Estate are available in an array of attractive color schemes and designs. You can choose from classic options such as black, blue, gold, green, red, silver, and white, with even more exotic colors and styles like pearl white or black shimmer. This allows you to select your favorite colors that best suit your personal style and create a polished and professional look. We offer plain and metallic designs, enabling you to design name badges that perfectly align with your preferences.


To cater to individual preferences, we offer custom name badges for United Real Estate in various shapes, including jumbo oval, jumbo rectangle, slim rectangle, and standard rectangle. This variety ensures that you can select the shape that best suits your style and complements your overall appearance.


To ensure the highest quality, our name badges and frames are manufactured using different materials, all set to suit your needs. These materials include attractive finish styles like brass, gold, laminated plastic, rhinestone, stainless steel, and silver. You can choose the material that appeals to you visually and reflects your personality.


To meet your specific requirements, we provide the option of either digital printing or three-dimensional embossed printing for your name badges. This ensures that you can create a customized and professional look that aligns with your preferences.


Excitingly, we cater to professionals at every level within the real estate industry, from sales associates to managerial executives. Our available designs allow for the creation of name badges tailored to each position. You can choose from a range of badge classes, including associate class, bling class, dimension class, executive class, glimmer class, and professional class. Each class offers different designs and pricing options, allowing you to find the perfect name badge that fits within your budget.

With such a wide selection available, it's time to decide on your preferred class and order the best custom name badges for United Real Estate. Take a moment to explore the different price ranges within each class to determine the optimal option for you.

Final Verdict

Logo Spectrum provides you with the opportunity to design top-quality custom name badges for United Real Estate through our user-friendly online platform.

We offer badges in various price ranges, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your budgetary requirements.

Our customization options are extensive, enabling you to select your own logo, explore different colors, and choose from various shapes to create a unique and personalized name badge.

The exceptional quality of our name badges, including their superior printing and high-quality materials, sets them apart from other online platforms.

When it comes to price, quality, design, and printing, Logo Spectrum stands out as the ultimate choice for acquiring the best name badges.

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